The Launching and Implementation Process of Finbit Application as a Tool for the RISE Project Financial Diaries – Part 2

Part Two The Finbit Experience as a Tool for the RISE Project                                      In the previous blog, we have discussed what the RISE project is all about and its purpose in the life of the refugees in Uganda. It also gave a description of the financial diaries and the background of the tool that is used […]

The Launching and Implementation Process of Finbit Application as a Tool for the RISE Project Financial Diaries – Part 1

Part One What is the RISE project? The RISE Project is an initiative from Opportunity International together with a number of partners, including OBUL, FINCA International and FINCA Uganda, PHB Development, and L-IFT. RISE stands for Refugees: Innovation, Self-reliance, and Empowerment. It is a project being implemented in Uganda and primarily focuses on refugees from […]

Refugees and Businesses in Nakivale and Kiryandongo Settlements

Uganda’s Refugee Policy has been acknowledged as the most progressive one in the world. It allows refugees to have freedom of movement, the right to work, and the freedom to establish businesses. This intends for refugees to attain some level of self-reliance and perhaps create employment opportunities for other refugees and host communities. This article […]

Keeping Finance in the Family: How Intra-Family Accounts Can Help Low-Income Customers During COVID-19 – and Beyond

This article is posted as part of NextBillion’s article series. It is entirely taken from there. It is written by our Managing Director Anne Marie van Swinderen.  Editor’s note: This article is part of NextBillion’s series “Enterprise in the Time of Coronavirus,” which explores how the business and development sectors are responding to the pandemic. For news […]

FINBIT as a Tool Enabling Many to Collect Their Own Financial Data

For some years now, L-IFT has developed an app named Finbit. The app is now in use. We use it for financial diaries data collection. But the app is also intended for the respondents themselves, to use for their own benefit. L-IFT has been testing the Finbit app in Nigeria, Uganda, Senegal, and Ethiopia to […]


For more than five years L-IFT has been active in financial diaries studies. In the process of this research, we came to understand that potentially the data from financial diaries can serve many organizations – almost all organizations can benefit. Through diaries, they can understand how their clients think and act and what type of […]

Financial Literacy Training in Kiryandongo During COVID-19

The Financial literacy training in Kiryandongo started on the 10th of August 2020 conducted in different sessions; consisting of about 15 participants in each of the sessions. The first session and the days of the training were scheduled by the participants and they were able to learn about the current and desired financial behaviors and also […]

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