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Anne Marie has worked in financial inclusion since 1989. The first two decades of her work life she dedicated herself to the supply of microfinance, working for BRAC, supporting the Women’s Union in Vietnam setting up a microfinance institution and several years in advisory positions across three continents. Since 2010 Anne Marie focused on the demand side of financial services and with financial diaries she designed approaches that enable people to access the right services. She works on product design, research, enabling corporates and microfinance institutions to make use of data to improve circumstances of low-income people. Anne Marie has started six companies, including an online language school, bread and yoghurt franchise business, a savings group digitalization system, a diaries research company. Five of the companies are profitable and together have offered work to more than 500 people. FINBIT is her latest startup business and she considers it the most scalable and most impactful of what she set up.


Jose Vahl integrates FINBIT in research and business development services' programs, in Asia. Drawing from a wealth of experience, she specializes in developing programs tailored for micro and small enterprises (MSEs), smallholders, and informal sector workers. Her focus extends to specific demographic groups, including women, youth, and migrants, ensuring a holistic and inclusive approach to program development. She has a Masters of science in Agriculture from Wageningen University in The Netherlands. Her passion is making sure that people with low income and education, limited chances in life and limited access to services, benefit from easy to understand affordable programs and prosper.


Haimanot Tiruneh is a technology manager with a passion for creating practical solutions. He brings a strong foundation in analytical thinking & problem-solving to his work. As a technology manager, Haimanot has played a pivotal role in developing and delivering FINBIT. His expertise has been instrumental in providing innovative products to help people get financial insights. With a holistic view and meticulous attention to detail, he ensures that each aspect of the service meets the needs and expectations of users. Along with his team, they strive to provide comprehensive financial insights and tools that enable users to achieve their goals and improve their financial well-being.r refine FINBIT.

IT Team

Senior Backend Engineer​

Temesgen, currently a senior backend developer at FINBIT, possesses almost a decade of experience in software development and team management. Fluent in JavaScript, React, Python, Django, and PostgreSQL, he has been instrumental in contributing to products actively utilized in multiple countries. In his role, he actively shapes and enhances FINBIT's technological landscape, emphasizing hands-on expertise and a commitment to innovation. His dedication extends beyond technical proficiency, embodying a strategic approach to navigating the intricate landscape of software development and driving impactful solutions in the dynamic field of financial technology.

Senior Android Developer

Biruk Tsegaye has a bachelor’s degree in software design and application development with experience and extensive education. He is responsible for leading the android team and implementing FINBIT android mobile applications alongside cross-functional teams. Additionally, he’s also experienced in web development and graphics design. His diverse skill set, coupled with his leadership role in guiding the android team, positions him as a versatile professional capable of effectively leading and contributing to various aspects of software development and design.

Senior Frontend Engineer

Fireayehu Zekarias is a skilled Senior Software Engineer who graduated from Addis Ababa University with a bachelor's degree. He is currently employed at FINBIT as a Senior Front End Engineer and has a broad experience developing various application kinds. His portfolio includes complex financial technology systems as well as applications for social media, e-commerce, food delivery, donations, and event planning. His experience encompasses a range of positions, such as Tech Lead, Team Lead, Solution Architect, and he is skilled in Front-End and Back-End development in addition to developing mobile applications. Fireayehu is well-known for his creative thinking and diligent work ethic.

UI/UX Designer​

Having graduated from Addis Ababa University with a degree in Software Engineering, Rediet brings a solid educational foundation to her role as a UI/UX and Graphics Designer at FINBIT. She has accumulated almost two years of professional experience. She has been actively involved in crafting user interfaces and experiences, as well as contributing to the visual aesthetics through graphics design. Her time at FINBIT has allowed her to blend her technical skills with creative design elements, contributing to the overall user experience in a dynamic and impactful manner.

Android Developer

With a degree in Software Engineering from Addis Ababa University, Melat is the Android Manager at FINBIT at present. Her work background involves handling QA concerns and bug resolution with skill. She has continuously provided devoted assistance, making sure that clients' issues are resolved quickly . Furthermore, she demonstrates her skill in developing superior mobile applications by designing user interfaces that captivate several senses and provide immersive experiences.

Backend Engineer

Mekdes is a Software Engineering graduate from Addis Ababa University with diverse experience in backend development. Currently she is serving as a backend developer at FINBIT since August 2022. Prior to that, She held positions as a Mobile App Developer and Backend Developer at Sparex for more than a year, and also as a Backend Developer at Guzo from July 2021 to September 2021. These roles collectively highlight her proficiency and continuous involvement in backend development across various projects and organizations.

Backend Engineer​

Yideg holds a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from Addis Ababa University (AAU). His work experience includes a one-year part-time engagement with 2F Capital PLC before graduation, followed by more than 1-year full-time role with L-IFT. Currently he is working as a backend engineer for FINBIT. His professional journey spans over 2 years, showcasing a combination of academic knowledge and hands-on experience in the field of software engineering.

Frontend Engineer

Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree in the department of Software Engineering from Addis Ababa University, He has been actively contributing to the technology field through his role as a Part-time Developer at FINBIT since February 2022. In this capacity, he has served as a frontend developer, making significant contributions to key projects within FINBIT. He has also played a crucial role in the development of the loan platform, and the analytics portal.

IT Liaison and QA Engineer

Kaleab Tiruneh, graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Addis Ababa University, specializing in quality assurance, web development, and data management. His role as IT Liaison involves the daily oversight of IT operations for ongoing projects such as survey design, data management, and customer support. He also manages the testing team, ensuring the rigorous quality assurance of the whole FINBIT system. Kaleab's dedication to staying abreast of emerging technologies and implementing best practices underscores his commitment to driving efficiency and excellence in the IT domain, making him a valuable asset to the FINBIT team.

IT Support

Kidist, equipped with a degree from Addis Ababa University, currently applies her skills and knowledge in the realm of data management, project lead support, and app testing at FINBIT. In her current role, she actively contributes to the efficient handling of data, provides support for project leadership, and makes sure that applications are thoroughly tested. This combination of educational background and practical experience underscores her proficiency in various aspects of the technology and project management domain within the dynamic environment at FINBIT.

Data Team

Data Expert​

John Kamau is a data expert with a degree in Economics from the University of Nairobi. He also has a certificate in CPA 2 and for Data Science in R and Python. He has over 5 years experience in Data: as an operations analyst in a transport Sacco, a market data analyst, an innovation analyst as well as a data scientist in the financial sector. He is experienced in Machine learning in both R and Python as well as SQL and big data analysis in Spark. He can perform data analysis and visualizations in R and Python and create dashboards in R and Tableau. He is experienced in web development and creation of data related applications in Flask and Django.

Data Expert​

Cosmas Biwott is a data expert with a degree in Applied Statistics with Computing from Moi University.He is innovative and motivated, hardworking and goal oriented with great team ethics, excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills. Ability to work independently under pressure with good clarity of thoughts and organizational skills. He has worked as a graduate statistician, logistics officer and voter registration assistant. He has good skills and knowledge in data management, mathematical and statistical modeling and he can perform data analysis and visualizations in R and SPSS, MS Excel and STATA.

Data Analyst

Lynn Ajema is a talented data analyst with a bachelor’s degree in statistics from Taita Taveta University. She has a passion for transforming complex information into actionable insights. She is proficient in R & Python, leveraging these powerful tools to extract valuable meaning from raw data. With expertise in data visualization techniques using Tableau, R, Python, & Power BI, she excels at presenting data in a visually appealing & understandable manner, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Data Analyst

Motivated Data Analyst Norbert Onyango brings a strong economics background from The University of Nairobi, certifications in Data Analysis from the same institution, four years of diverse data analysis experience, and expertise in statistical tools, data mining, and econometric modeling. Dedicated to optimizing data-driven solutions, he delivers concise reports and contributes valuable insights to inform decision-making. He is committed to continuous learning and staying updated with emerging trends.

Junior Data Analyst and Project Assistant​

Faith Kabanda is a Junior Data Analyst and Project Assistant in charge of data cleaning, sorting, analysis, data visualization, and tracking the progress of various projects. She has 5 years of experience in statistics, data handling, and data analysis in Python and R, as well as experience in data visualization in R, Tableau, and Google Data Studio. She manages the databases and goes on to clean the data by ensuring data quality. She analyses the data by finding patterns or trends and communicates her findings through data visualizations of charts and graphs, and written reports. She is currently part of the FINBIT, ECD, CornerShop Diaries, Credit Scoring, and L-IFT’s Youth Conference projects.

Data Integrity Officer

Nayad is a Data Integrity Officer in charge of data analysis and cleaning done by routinely going through each data point to signal any errors and inconsistencies to then present them in organized query format to be addressed. He further works closely with the project managers and regularly follows up with supervisors and field researchers to make sure the correct data is provided. He has an experience in testing the FINBIT application and processing generated data which helps in the process of data analysis and visualization. He is always eager to learn new and improved ways of handling data.

Project Team

Project Manager​

With seven years of professional experience, Mekdes Hailegiorgis currently serves as a Programme Manager, overseeing project management tasks such as planning, progress monitoring, quality control, staff assessment, and reporting. She actively contributes to FINBIT training approaches, FINBIT development, and handle data responsibilities, including analysis and query systems. In research methodology, she assists in survey design and contribute to sample design. Field supervision, methodology implementation, and active participation in data analysis and communication efforts are key aspects of her role. Additionally, she also write blogs based on personal experiences, design systems, and protocols, and contribute to discussions with the Managing Director on field instructions. Supervising interns and participating in proposal and report writing, as well as acquisitions, further showcase her diverse contributions.

East Africa Programme Coordinator ​

Frehiwot Sinishaw Programme Coordinator Frehiwot Sinishaw has 7 years of experience working in L-IFT. She is now a Programme Coordinator involved in facilitating strategic planning, implementing plans that align with organizational goals. She leads in team management, overseeing recruitment, training, and coaching, ensuring a skilled workforce. Coordinates program elements for timely project delivery, contributing to team development. She works on enhancing collaboration within the team and with external stakeholders. She prepares comprehensive reports, contributes to compelling project proposals, and oversees data management for informed decision-making. She engages in communication strategies, managing social media and website content. She organizes and facilitates conferences, meetings, and events while maintaining meticulous document organization for streamlined program activities.

South Africa Programme Coordinator​​

Mhlalisi Ncube in his role as Programme Coordinator is responsible for research implementation. He is the author of several innovative research projects and particularly works on enabling people to self-report and themselves benefit from the reported data, including improving their businesses. He manages the IMBE work with 2000 ECD preschool entrepreneurs self-reporting in FINBIT, the Corner Shop project across 11 countries and FINBIT work with Africa Foundation’s hustler entrepreneurs programme. Before L-IFT, he has worked with development organizations in Zimbabwe and the United States of America on projects focused on research, promoting effective philanthropy, rural and urban livelihood strengthening, improving access to education, and environmental conservation. Mhlalisi studied Sociology and Anthropology at Manhattanville College in New York, USA.

Asia Programme Coordinator​

Theresa Thin is a Programme Coordinator in Myanmar, responsible for recruiting, training, coaching, and supervising field supervisors and promoters or data volunteers for various L-IFT Myanmar projects. Additionally, she is also a Chief Product Officer, where her involvement in the development of the Android-based application includes comprehensive testing and gathering user feedback for refinement which significantly contributed to the successful product launch and positive user experiences. Furthermore, at FINBIT, she guided and trained users on app instructions, ensuring seamless and user-friendly interactions. She proactively anticipated the creation of user guidelines and manuals. Theresa liaises with clients on logistics and is an expert in working with different software tools, including the FINBIT App. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Dagon University and a Diploma in Business Management from De La Salle of St. Benedict College.

Programme Coordinator

Henok Biazin is a programme coordinator who managed RFDF project in Uganda and post SFD project activities in Ethiopia. He started working with L-IFT as a Field Supervisor for SFD Ethiopia in 2019, where he has been there since the inception phase up to the successful completion of the project. Henok has a BA degree in Sociology and Social Work from Jimma University and an MA degree in Sociology from Addis Ababa University. In addition to his five years’ experience of teaching at Ambo University, he has an excellent experience in research, survey coordination and supervision with local and international consultancy firms for the past ten years.

Finance Team

Senior Finance officer and Office Administration Assistant

Selamawit Alemayehu is a highly experienced professional who has been a valuable member of the team since March 2020. With a strong background in accounting and finance, She brings extensive expertise and knowledge to her role as a Senior Finance Officer and Administrative Assistant. Having worked in administrative roles and accounting for over four years, she is well-versed in managing finances, coordinating financial systems, and ensuring accurate and comprehensive reporting. She plays a key role in overseeing the company's financial operations. She also assists with various administrative tasks, including communication, office management, and documentation. Her attention to detail and organizational skills contribute greatly to the smooth functioning of the organization. Furthermore, She actively contributes to process improvement and system development. She continuously seeks ways to enhance efficiency, streamline procedures, and implement best practices. With her strong work ethic, attention to detail, and expertise in finance and administration, she plays a crucial role in supporting company’s financial and administrative functions.

Communication Team

Communication Officer​

Adonay Negash, in his role as the Communications Officer is dedicated to formulating and executing impactful multi-channel communication strategies for the organization. Leveraging expertise gained from previous experience as a Content Developer Associate at Whiz Kids Workshop, a local social enterprise, Adonay brings a unique blend of skills in content creation to drive engaging and effective communication. As a Master's Degree candidate in Public Relations and Strategic Communication, Adonay combines academic knowledge with practical experience, contributing to the organization's mission of empowering communities through evidence-focused approaches. He is committed to enhancing communication practices and fostering self-awareness and confidence among respondents, ultimately contributing to the transformative goals of FINBIT.

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