Financial Livelihood Tracking

Setup and report financial statements for the transactions you made like incomes, expenses, hours worked, loans taken, loans given, accounts, assets and employee tracking & payments.

Loan Application

Credit Analysis

Lenders can calculate the creditworthiness of a respondent during a loan application.

Loan options

Respondents will have different loan options while requesting to receive a loan.

Loan request

Respondents can request to receive different types of loan which is given by Lenders.

User Communication

Both lender and customer can stay connected with each other throughout the process.

FINBIT for Clients

Different organizations can use the tool to track respondents progress. It is used to communicate with respondents to make projects more effective. Clients can manage their users, design surveys, get data of respondents and manage notifications through the portal available to them. 


Design different questionnaires in a survey form to collect relevant and fruitful information that will be useful


Manage and control access of each user on the portal

GPS Tracking

Track the location of users to ensure data reliability

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