For more than five years L-IFT has been active in financial diaries studies. In the process of this research, we came to understand that potentially the data from financial diaries can serve many organizations – almost all organizations can benefit. Through diaries, they can understand how their clients think and act and what type of situations they face. The various studies also helped us realize that those people participating in studies can actually benefit, despite the substantial time it costs them. All this made us decide that we should develop a system that enables larger scale and more targeted financial diaries data collection. To achieve that we developed an app named FINBIT.

For two years now, the L-IFT IT team has worked intensively with our field supervision team to develop FINBIT, continuously adjusting and improving it, to make sure it offers all the functionalities that users and organizations need. The app is now working quite fluently already. It is time we start to show off our ‘beauty’ to the world.

Here, you can click to read an introductory leaflet which will explain briefly about FINBIT. 

Soon, a number of documents showing you what FINBIT is all about, and what it can be used for, including a video and many other explainers will be available. In addition, a series of blogs will be posted here, to share findings and experiences from the field, all based on data collected through our FINBIT.


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