Mhlalisi Ncube

Chief Research Officer FINBIT

Mhlalisi Ncube is the CRO at FINBIT. He is the author of several innovative research projects and particularly works on enabling people to self-report and themselves benefit from the reported data, including improving their (micro-)businesses. He is responsible for IMBE 2000 participants’ early childhood development micro-entrepreneurs data collection. He coordinates the Corner Shop Diaries project across nine countries. He is Zimbabwean and works out of Bulawayo. Before L-IFT and FINBIT he gained experience working on projects focused on research, rural and urban livelihoods strengthening, improving access to education, peace-building, and environmental conservation having worked with various development organisations in Zimbabwe and the United States of America. Mhlalisi studied Sociology and Anthropology at Manhattanville College in New York, USA.

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