Introducing the L-IFT Field Researchers Alumni Network

The FEDU project brought together individuals from different parts of Uganda, individuals with a broad spectrum of backgrounds. This mix of cultures, interests, and knowledge has created a wealth of both social and professional bonds. One of the most important questions for most, after almost a year of working with the Finance and Energy Diaries Project, is: How will these professional networks be further developed to support each of the team members in their post-L-IFT careers?

FEDU field researchers with the L-IFT management team

This is what has been preoccupying Nyende Tony, a field researcher in the just concluded project. Tony and his team were tasked with establishing an alumni network. Tony shared some of the objectives of the alumni network and its proposed operations.

According to the alumni leadership team, the alumni network will bring together current, past, and future field researchers to forge connections and foster collaborations. The network aims to cultivate and promote lasting ties between the field researchers, by developing a comprehensive alumni database with all team members, through which they can keep in touch. The network will also leverage the power of social networking to make, sustain, and build upon the close professional relationships they started while working with L-IFT.

It will also serve to uphold the L-IFT spirit, providing an exclusive group, where the alumni maintain a relationship with L-IFT as an organization and keep being updated on some of its project activities.

The network will support the alumni by providing information that can help them grow to achieve their life goals through networking events, informative chats, peer-to-peer support, and a platform where new relevant opportunities are posted by alumni such as job postings, training, scholarships, events and academic publications for continued personal development.

“We intend to create a platform for exclusive career resources providing important tools for alumni as they navigate their post L-IFT careers.” – Tony

With the Alumni Network, L-IFT’s past employees can stay connected – to each other and as well as remain abreast of the different projects and activities implemented by L-IFT. In the long-term, the Alumni team hopes to build a relationship with former L-IFT employees far beyond Uganda.

By Simon Yesho
Research Intern

Introducing the L-IFT Field Researchers Alumni Network

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