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Video on L-IFT’s FINBIT Application (Origin and Benefits):

Videos on how to use the FINBIT Application:

Videos on L-IFT’s Refugees Innovation Self-reliance and Empowerment (RISE) Project:

Video on how to use the RISE Portal:

Video on Long Term Performance and Evolution of Savings Groups:

Video on  the Impact of COVID 19 on one of our Refugee Respondent in the RISE Project:

Videos on L-IFT’s SCALE2SAVE Project:

Video on how to use the SCALE2SAVE Portal:

Videos on L-IFT’s What Women Want (3W) Project:

Video on how to use the What Women Want (3W) Portal: 

Video on L-IFT’s Livelihoods and Financial App for Youth: 

Video on a Customer Journey – Improving Business with L-IFT Small Traders’ App: 

Video on L-IFT’s Financial and Livelihoods App for Refugees: 

Get an insight into the field work and some of our research results from our Youth Livelihood Diaries:

Watch Our Videos
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